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Many of these worksheets need answers and may contain spelling mistakes!
I write most of them and if word doesnt pick it up on spell check it makes it past the quality control.






Interior and Exterior angles in Polygons worksheet

Ordering fractions and decimals worksheet

Linear Equations (suitable for KS3/Foundation/Higher)

Probability basic worksheets using the AND rule

Foundation Linear GCSE sample questions worksheet

GCSE/KS3 transformations worksheet (rotation/reflection/ translation/enlargement)

Fractions Worksheet (all operations)

Linear Equation Worksheet

Pie Chart worksheet

C-D grade Linear Foundation GCSE questions

Transformations ICT task

Using a Calculator

Functional Football (bar charts and frequency polygons)

Effective Questionnaires

6 Levelled GCSE questions

All 4 transformations worksheet

Higher % Questions (need answers)

nth term sequences and number patterns

Effective Questionnaires (version 2)

88 GCSE foundation questions

More basic transformations

Upper and lower bounds worksheet

Inequalities Basics

Estimated mean from grouped data (1)

Basic Questions for GCSE foundation

Plans and Elevations

Surds and Indices (need answers)

Shading Inequalities

Estimated mean from grouped data (2)

7 Week GCSE foundation C/D border quiz

Nets and Isometric Drawings

Powers of 10 Basic Worksheet

Inequalities Overview

GCSE higher probability (1)

30 GCSE foundation questions (linear) 

Scale factors (some non linear)

Very Basic Number Patterns

Quadratic (and some linear) Equations

Probability (GCSE higher) Conditional and tree diagrams

Range of GCSE Foundation worksheets

Area worksheets KS3-4

Adding and subtracting negative numbers

Graph transformations

Basic Averages (mode, median, mean and range) worksheet

Range of Linked Pair GCSE A1 higher worksheets

Angles in parallel lines

Appreciation, depreciation and % increase/decrease

Trial and Improvement

Scatter graphs and correlation worksheet

Full list of GCSE Linked Pair worksheets

Area of compound/composite shapes

Converting recurring decimals to fractions

Basic linear equations (Algebra)

Venn Diagrams (shading) worksheet

More GCSE Foundation Questions

Polygons and angles with basic algebra

Decimal place value (on a number line)

Straight line graphs (y=mx+c)

Venn Diagrams (set notation and probability)

GCSE Foundation sample questions

GCSE foundation Angles Overview

Percentage increase and decrease (with appreciation and depreciation)

Graphing Inequalities worksheet

Venn Diagrams (overview) worksheet


Area of basic shapes

Negative numbers (all operations)

Algebra, indices and Surds Higher GCSE test

Pie Chart worksheet


Area of circles worksheet

Standard Index form (non calculator)

Inequalities word questions (from LPP GCSE)

Averages worksheets (Word based questions)


Circumference of circles worksheet

Rounding (decimal places and significant figures)

Very basic 2 step equations (algebra)

Reading graphs and charts worksheet

Functional Worksheet using real world calculations (buying a house)

Surface area, volume and nets (solids)

Rules of Indices worksheet

Collecting like terms (simplifying expressions)

Moving Averages Worksheet

Olympic Games Functional Worksheet

3 Figure Bearings worksheet

Substituting into formulae

Trial and Improvement 2

Stratified Sampling & Upper and Lower Bounds

Basic functional maths questions (eating out)

Transformations worksheet (reflections)

Substituting into formulae (part 2)

Graphing Straight Lines (y=mx+c)

Venn Diagram Templates

Christmas Functional worksheet

Measuring Angles worksheet

Compound Interest (appreciation and depreciation)

Inequalities Overview 2

Conversion Graphs

More Basic Functional Questions


Income tax worksheet (GCSE Maths)

Naming Graph Transformations

Basic probability word questions worksheet

Bus Timetable Functional Questions

Vectors Enrichment Task

60 percentage questions (KS3/foundation)

nth term and number patterns worksheet

Reading Pie Charts and Bar Graphs


Metric to Imperial Conversions

Rules of indices (basic examples)

Quadratic, linear and simultaneous equations

Drawing Basic Venn Diagrams


ICT task on transformations

Number patterns 1

Sequences and number patterns 2



Plans and elevations 2

Number patterns 2

GCSE Higher Algebra and Shape & Space Questions



Angles in Polygons worksheet

Powers of 10 worksheet 2

Graph transformations 1




Standard Index Form Worksheet 2

Graph transformations 2




Fractions (all operations)





Ordering Fractions, Decimals and Percentages





Percentages (Foundation and Higher GCSE material)





Percentages Overview worksheet





Basic Proportion Worksheet





Ratio Worksheet





Fractions to recurring decimals




Additional material:

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